Risk Management

Risk Management & Protection of Assets

For most people, an important part of risk management is transferring the risk of financial loss to an insurance company.  Lost income due to disability from illness or injury, the catastrophic loss of a family member from premature death or the financial burden of long term healthcare costs.  All of these risks require careful analysis of your risk driven needs for protection.  Your old insurance policies may also need periodic review.

Whether you want a review of old insurance policies to make sure they still meet your financial needs, or want an objective, second opinion and review of a policy being proposed by an insurance agent or you just want to discuss a current concern and the wisdom of using insurance to meet this need, we are available to review and analyze the use of insurance to manage your financial risk.

SRM professionals are experienced in the use of personal insurance as a risk management tool as part of clients overall financial and estate planning and the prudent use of insurance in effective financial management.

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